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Sharing Romance...

Dear _____,

I have many ________ fantasies about you, but this is my favorite. We were sharing a romantic evening, enjoying a candlelight dinner of _________, _________, and _________. I wore only a _________, and you wore ____________. After we finished the meal, eyes full of each other, I arose, the taste of _________ on my lips, to offer you a kiss that sizzled through your entire ___________. You eagerly met my ________ embrace, rubbing your _________ against my ___________. I moaned from the delicious pleasure your _______ gave me, but you remained wonderfully evasive as you _________ my _________, ________ my __________ and __________ my __________. I ran my fingers through your __________ ________ hair wishing you'd stop, yet wishing you'd continue. At last, we could wait no longer, and I _______ on your _________, and we made ________.


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