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Erotic Fairy Tale...

Dear _____,

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived a beautiful, but lonely princess, named ___________. She had incredible _______ eyes and _________ _________ hair. The King wanted her to marry, but she simply couldn't find a mate who knew how to please her in ________.

One day a gallant young man named _________ rode up to the castle upon a ________ horse. He'd heard about the princess' woes, and after seeing her at a ___________ earlier that week, he knew he had to _________ her. He was certain that he was the only man who could satisfy her insatiable ________ hunger.

He climbed the castle ivy to her bedroom window and leapt inside only to find her sound asleep. With a single fleck of his sword, he laid open the bodice of her fragile __________ to savor her _______ _________ ________. She awoke with a gasp, but one look at _______, and __________ filled her _________. She begged him to come to her, and after he removed his clothes, he eagerly _________. He went straight to the task, __________ one ____________ and then the other, while he ran his hands along her _______ ________ ________. The Princess moaned with ________, the sound loud enough to wake the entire castle as _________ ________ her and hungrily _______ her ___________. Before long, the princess ________, and only then did the good and _______ __________ her, __________ her ________ and ________ until she _________ yet again.

Afterward, the Princess remained in __________ _______ throughout the night, and at dawn, the two made love again. She'd found her ________. The next day, she knighted him. That evening she ________ him, and the two _______ happily ever after.


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