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Love Time Capsule..

Dear _________,

If I could build a time capsule of my memories of you. I'd put in my favorite picture of you. The first time I saw your face, I was in love with you. I'd throw in a ticket stub of a Motley Crue concert to remind me of the first time we made love. I'd add a bottle of sand to remind me of the wonderful nights we spent together at the beach. I'd put in a piece of cotton to remind me of your softness, and a lock of your hair to remind me about how it felt as it brushed against my body when we would lie on your bed. I'd include a recording of keeper of the stars, to remind me of our song, and a picture of our children to remind me of the special bond we share together. On second thought, there's no need to build a time capsule. I could never forget you and all of the wonderful things we did together.


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