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You're the One...


In the finely woven pattern of our lives, you're the _______, the___________, the ____________, and I'd be ______ without you. I remember the day we __________ __________ so fondly. You were so ___________ at our_________ that I thought my _________ would____________. Since then we've both _______ and ________ a lot, but even now, you still have that ________ affect on me. Your mere ____________ soothes my ____________, your stunning _______ moves me. My ________ for you is ever ____________ and my _________ for you is ___________. Tonight I have a special _____________ planned for you to show you just how much I __________you and ________ all the ___________ you do. I hope to make tonight as___________ and __________ as that first night of our_________ bliss. Lets _________ that night, and ________ each other like we did back then. Happy anniversary, _________.


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