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I Love You...

Dear _____,

It has been so difficult for me to tell you this, but _______, I ______ you It's amazing how much those three little words can mean. Yet they're not nearly enough to describe a heart that's _______ with ______ and ______ only for you. When I think of the ______ we'll spend together, I'm filled with ______ and _____. I only want to make you ______, and I want to show you how much I ______ about ______. I want to know you're _____ forever, and that you're willing to _____ ____ with me. Please tell me that you _____ me too. If only there were stronger words to express what I feel for you, but for now, I ______ you will have to do. But imagine how wonderful it will be when I _____ you.


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