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A Treasure...

Dear _____,

When I think about our life together, I see wedding lace, exquisite ______, satin _______, and valentines, warm _______ cuddling ______ the _______, long strolls ______ the ________. And I think about your ______. It feels me with _______ in a way that nothing else can. These things are ________ to me, my very own treasure of ________. But you mean so much more to me than any of those things, and sometimes I become _______ because I just don't know how to tell you how much I _______, how much I______ you. So I want you to know that every time I _____ my ______, I _____ about you; every time I ______ your ______ or _____ you near, I'm thinking that I _____ you more than mere words can tell. I ______ you with everything ______ me, and I look forward to building my treasure trove of _________ memories about you, about _____.


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