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Won't Fade Away...

Dear _________,

I tried to _________ and forget ____, but it was ______. I simply haven't been able to stop ________ about ______, and how much I ________ you. Nothing _______ more than knowing that you're no longer _________ of my life. Many times, I've thought about _________ you, but each time I pick up the _________, something inside _______ me not to, and I end up ___________ longingly at your __________. But I can no longer pretend that I'm ________ without you and your special __________. No one else makes me ________ like you do. I want to _______ again. I know we can make it work this time. Please tell me you're willing to give our _________ a _________. What we have is too _______ to _________, and what I feel for you will never fade away.


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