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Sizzling Weekend...

Dear ____________,

These sensual thoughts hold me prisoner as effectively as chains, and only your gentle ________ and ___________ can release me. I want to make this evening one we'll both never forget. Have a bottle of ________ ready, and following a ____________ , we'll share a sensual ______ and then we'll______ on the _______ and intimately explore each other's _________. I want you to pay special attention to my_________, and give my ___________ a fiery kiss. Likewise, I'll paint your flesh with one hundred loving _________ that will make your _______ tingle with delight. I can picture us beneath the moonlight, _________, our lips ______, our bodies _______ as we become _______. Truly the beauty and fire of our ________ shall fill our ________as we're lost to the beautiful music of pure and unadulterated ____________.


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