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Sensual Weekend...

Dear ___________,

Lets make each day of this weekend a special time for us, a time to explore our _______ and ______. Each night we'll visit our favorite _______ and have a fabulous _________. Afterward, we'll take a drive to the ________ where we can have a long and romantic ________ like we _______ _________. We can _____ beneath the stars where we'll tell each other our fondest ___________ fantasy and discuss all the wonderful _______ we've enjoyed in the past. I intend to ______ and __________ you as we're _____ by the moonlight's glow. I want so much to stroke your precious ________ and to ______ your.I want us to focus on ________ while we enjoy the sensual delight of __________. That's why I plan for us to end each evening sharing a long and luxurious _________strewn with rose petals before we go to _______. After a night of intense ________, we'll ________ peacefully in each other's arms. And come the dawn, we'll have breakfast in bed where we'll begin another day of fabulous _________.


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