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Love's Music...

Dear ___________,

This Weekend, we'll hear the music playing. I intend to take you_________. I can't wait to hold you ________ to_________ and feel your _______ ________ against mine. When the ______ ends, we'll go to the _____ ______ and _________ _______ like we ______to. And later, at ___________, we'll have ______ with such passion that ___________ will sizzle through our ___________. Still, this will be only the beginning of our _______ long _____ tryst. We're going to take some time and do all the wonderful _______with each other that we've always wanted to do. Until the ________ no longer shines, until the sea no longer meets the _________, I'll be thinking about ___________ and look forward to the __________ we'll spend together.


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