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I Miss You...

Dear ___________,

I miss you so much that my heart is _________ _________. Every day I think of your _______ __________ and all the __________ _____ you give me. When you're near, I feel __________, but when you're away, I feel as if a part of my ___________ is missing. Remembering all the ______ we had and all the _________ nights spent in the __________ of each other's ______, the _______ returns to leave me feeling _________. I'm simply unable to ______ this feeling of ______________. Please __________ me at once, and tell me that you _________ me too. There's not a shred of doubt inside me, I know I want to______ _________ with you. I can't wait until we can make the _________of passionate __________ like we did ________ ________ you_________.


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