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Let's Play Doctor...

My Dear_______,

I know you've been under the weather, but Dr. __________ has some _________ medicine for you, something that will raise your ___________ and make you want to_____________. You'll feel like a_________ __________ as I slowly __________ before you, wearing only my _________. As I lie back on the __________ to show you my___________, your fever might rise a tad, but you'll suddenly feel much better as you watch me slowly ____________ my___________. When you _________ to ______ me, I'll __________you so _______ that some newfound life will roar through your _______, giving you an added burst of ________. Once I accomplish making you completely _________, you'll surely want to ___________ me, but have no fear; I'm ready to ___________ and ________ you.


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