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Holiday Joy...

Dear ___________,

It's __________ day, the most _________ day of the year, but I know a way to make it even more ____________. After we __________the_________ and ___________ the ___________, we'll spend an intimate__________ together letting the spirit of ___________ consume us as we _______ each other. I hope that my _________ for you touches you deep inside as my fingers gently _________ your__________ and __________. I'll lay back, full of_________ spirit and allow you to _______ me on the ________ beneath the_________. The _______ we've shared in the past ___________ have been sheer________, but tonight our ________ will be better still, not only a celebration of _________, but also a celebration of_________ and the days we have to forward to. Yes, ________, I do believe this will be the most wonderful ___________ of all.


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