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While You Sleep...

Dear _____,

I paused to watch you as you slept, thinking about how _________ and _______you are, and about how lucky I am to _______ you. You were lying in a fetal position on your right side, your legs pulled up, you arms folded in front of your _______. The sheet was pulled between your leg, allowing an unhindered view of your __________ __________. The scene ignited the fire inside me. I bent to ____________ you on the ____________. As you stirred, I spread kisses along your _______ neck, then to your ________ where I lingered, gently __________ each one. You awoke and smiled at me as you ran your fingers through my hair. Then you rolled over onto your back, and I tugged the sheet away to drink in your _______ body. __________, my lips eagerly returned to your ____________, _________ and ________ each one. You were so _________ that I could feel the rhymth of your heartbeat steadily climb as I continued to ________ you, my hand between your _________, _____________ you. Your _______ opened for me, and I slip between them, thrusting deeply __________ you. As I _______ you, your breathing became frantic. You sighed and moaned as the pleasure burst through you. You were so _________. So __________. Suddenly you screamed out as you __________, and as I felt the ________ wrack your body, the pleasure burst through me as well, and I met you at the ____________. Afterward, I laid beside you, spent, and you gave me a grin. I knew you'd enjoyed being woken up this way.


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