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A Shower for Two...

Dear _____,

We lit some _________, turned on some romantic music and got in the shower. After we both got wet, you turned off the water and turned to me with a smile, handing me the soap. I took the soap and lathered it up, then I began to glide the soap along your __________ skin. I started at your _________ and slowly worked my way down, lingering on your _________. By then, I was _________ and craving _______ _____, but you urged me to continue, and I did. I slid my soapy hands along your ________ and thighs, and up between your __________, thoroughly lathering your __________. You sighed, and, seeing the _________ on your face, I could ________ myself no longer. I turned the water back on, the warm sensation tingling against my flesh, and after I'd thoroughly rinsed you off, I bent you over the _______ and made ________ to you--the same way I intend to this _______.


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