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Sizzling Sun...

Dear _____,

I was sitting at the edge of the pool, my feet dangling in the cool water, the sun beating down upon me when you swam over to me. You said nothing as you removed my ________ __________, and started _____________ my ____________. The sensation shooting through my entire body, I closed my eyes and enjoyed your ____________. The whole idea of __________ __________ outside made me twice as __________. I could feel the _______ steadily building inside me while your ________ _______ remained busy, ____________ my ___________. And when you gingerly _________ my ____________, I thought I would fly to the sky and kiss the sun. Yet the ___________ only intensified when you suddenly thrust my ___________ deep _________ you. As you began to _______, I gasped from the __________. You were __________ me like I'd never been ________ before. The fire that was raging inside me was hot enough to melt the _________ sun. Streaks of bright light cut across my _________ and nipped at my ___________. Finally, I had the most _________ _______, I've ever had. Of course, this is just a fantasy, but I hope that it will come true someday.


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