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The Sex Game...

Dear _____,

Would you like to play an erotic game? This game is called, ___________.

Here are the rules:

  1. The game will last for _________ weeks, and each time the players _______ _______ that will be considered one round.
  2. Players will take turns playing rounds, and at the end of _______ weeks, the person with the highest score is the winner and earns a prize of his or her chosing from the loser. The prize can be a romantic dinner, a romantic weekend, a romantic gift, etc. The loser gets to pick the prize. There must be an equal number of scores.
  3. On each round, both players must get undressed, get ________, and _________.
  4. The player who invites the other to play gets to go first, and is the player in command. The next time, the other player is in command.
  5. During a round, the player in command can do anything to the other, or request anything of the other.
  6. The player in command must complete three levels of love-making, such as ___________, giving or receiving _________ _______, making _________, etc. The player in command must complete each of these levels for no fewer than five minutes, but the player in command can't have an _____________.
  7. The player in command earns 10 points for each level completed without having an ____________. If the player has an _________, that round ends.
  8. If the other player has an ____________, before the player in command complete the three levels of love-making, then the player in command gets __________ points whether they've completed all three levels or not.
  9. After all levels have been completed during a round, the player in command gets to have an ____________.


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