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Thinking About You...

Dear _____,

I'm thinking about you,
Thinking of lush, wet ______,
Thinking of all the _______ times
I was nestled between your _______.
Your red hot fingertips working their _____ on my ________.

With a moan, with a tremble, with a sigh,
I'm thinking about you,
Recalling your ______, your clean ______,
The soft down on your ________.

I'm thinking about you,
Calling out your name,
Muscles tightening, heat flaring like slivers of lightning,
Your delicate _______ running along my thighs.

With a sigh, a cry, a hasty kiss goodbye,
I'm thinking about you.
Shaking, willpower breaking,
Lost to _________ of infinite sweetness
That have left me aching.


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