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Dear _____,

As soon as I entered the __________, you slapped me across the face for being ___________. I was about to rebel, but you told me to shut up and to do whatever you said. You ordered me to strip and face the wall. I did, only to feel you behind me, ___________ my wrists behind my back with ____________. I suddenly smiled, deciding that this was not going to be so bad afterall. As I considered my good fortune, you lead me to the middle of the __________ and told me to stand there. You pulled out several rolls of plastic wrap, and ordered me to stand still. Then you started wrapping my ________ together, starting at the __________ and working your way up, and leaving a hole for my throbbing _________. You removed the _________, but continued to wrap my body in the plastic wrap ______ to my _______, until I was confined in a tight cocoon. Then you told me to stand there. I eagerly watched as you removed your black ___________ and ___________, bringing your ___________ to my ________ and making me ____________ them until they were __________. Then you tugged me to the ________ , making me lie on my back. Excitement rushed through me as you stroked and _________ my _______ _______, rubbing your _________ against my _________. When I thought I could bear the torture no more, I gave a gasp as you __________ me and rode _________ as if I were a __________. When your ________ cries of ________ filled the ______________, I closed my eyes, bursts of light in my vision. And I gave myself to the bliss that _______ me, spilling my _________ inside your ________ ___________.


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