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Warming Up...

Dear _____,

We're ___________ upon the ________, our bodies and glistening from the fire. My __________ is ________ enough to ________ _______. You giggle and bend forward slightly to blow a _______ across my ________, making my _________ tighten slightly. Then, in one smooth stroke, you run the point of your ___________ from the tip to the root of my ___________. __________ from the unexpected contact, I moan from the intense __________ while you begin to ______ me like a __________, holding my ________ firmly in your __________. I look down, enjoying the sight of your beautiful ___________ giving me _________. I gently brush my fingers across your ________, and a flush spreads across your _____________. I draw you near and press you flat on the _________, gently gliding a finger across your __________. Your hips ________ upward, wanting __________ , wanting ___________. I slide into your ____________, and a sigh escapes your _______ lips. We both groan as waves of pleasure crash through our ____________. We both ______ out as we ___________, but as we _________ close afterward, we know that we were only warming up for round two. I turn to you and _______ your _________ again.


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