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Black Velvet...

Dear _____,

Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the my _______, wearing only a black velvet ________ which accents the smooth lines of your long and elegant _________. You're also wearing sheer _________ stockings which emphasize your _______ legs. I stroll into the room to catch a faint hint of your perfume, something ________ and _________, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. As I kneel beside you, I _________ you gently along your neck, and you sigh with pleasure. As we ________, I run my fingers through your silky ________ hair and down to your neck, lightly ___________ your back. You shiver and press closer against me, and I can feel how hard your __________ have become. I whisper your name, and you give me a _____________ smile. I moan as you take my heavy _________ into your __________, relishing the _________. All the while you ________ the length of my _________ with your pink ___________. I cry out your name again, as you take my ________ into your ________ . You _________ and _______ it until I almost __________. Then you ________ back and __________ your legs, allowing me to ___________ you. Finally, the pleasure explodes as we ___________ together.


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