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Savoring You...

Dear _____,

You took the wineglass from me and led me to the _______. As the firelight flickered in the background, you gently _________ me and drew me ________. I could feel your warmth--it seemed to surround me and touch me deep inside. You brought your ________ to mine and __________ me deeply, your _______ entering my _________ as if searching for some _______ there. Suddenly your warmth engulfed me, and I gasped as you ________ my ________, your hair tickling my _______, your clean scent washing over me and comforting me like a gentle night breeze. You _______ me back and __________ my __________ to position yourself _____ _____. And when you __________ me, fire burst through my entire being. I savored every practiced ___________ of your _______, and lost myself to the bliss that sizzled through my soul. As I _________, I cried out your ___________.


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