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Falling For You...

Dear _____,

Ribbons of color ______ all over me when I dream of us together, making _______. I see us inside each other, our souls merge, and I never look back or wonder why you're here. I simply enjoy the dream, enjoy having you _______. This dream could come ______. It's really up to you. I only know that the whole ________ begins to tumble upside down, and I hit the ground whenever I think about losing you. And I'm falling like a leaf, like the brightest star in the sky, wishing you'd ________ and say that you're willing to give ______ a try. Until then I'll close my eyes and ______ you, and during the day I'll miss you. I'll be falling for you in my ________, wanting to hold you, wanting to believe--that you ______ me too.


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