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For You...

Dear _____,

I want to make you happy. I want to ______ all the sadness from your life, and give you hope. I don't want you to be worried about what might ______ and what you might get, I want you to never have a single regret. I want to change your point of view and make the ________ sky seem misty and blue. I want to give you love without _______, and make you see that you have everything to gain. I want to take away your pain, and ______ you the ________ after the rain. And even when things go wrong, I will be there to help you be strong. I want you to imagine a place where your dreams are ______, and I want to be the one to take you there. Then you'll see how much I care. I think you'll agree that giving up the _______ will set you free. I'm going to make all your _________ come true, and as I do I'll hold your hand and be there for you.


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