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Words of Love...

Dear _____,

Oh, how I've longed to express my _______ to you. Shadowed by the sunset's dying light, I lift a lover's pen to spill my ________ with crimson ink, but the words to express the depth and breadth of my love are not in sight. I'm assaulted by pangs of the heart and soul, pining __________ for you. I want only to push back those embattlements that shelter the words and tell you how much I ________ you. With midnight upon me, I try to reach into my soul, but still nothing comes from my weary pen to express how much I _______ about you. I could gaze longingly into your ______ ___________ eyes. I could dance with you on clouds of silvery white. But still the words rush not to my pen, not a romantic word in sight. Your love is so wonderful and rare; it's bold, with a mischievous grin: it's as humble as a lady's maid, and as courageous as a knight. If only I could find the words to make your day bright. The power of your ______ kiss can drop me to my _________. We're a portrait of love's perfection for all feasting eyes to see. Still I'm unable to express my _______ for you, but I'll wait with anguished heart, in hopes that I've given you a clue. Please let me know if you might just love me too?


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