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Journey of the Heart...

Dear _____,

I love you when the _______ dusk is falling
and the hazy ______ shadows drift across the land;
when the love in my heart and _______ is calling
I want to feel the softness of your _______ hand.

I love you when the moonlight _______ upon us,
and the sky is flooded with silvery light;
I want you to _______ and love me
as we take in the wonders of the night.

I want you to always remember
the feel of my _________ when you awake.
I'll ________ you so lovingly, so tender,
cradling you in my arms as dawn breaks.

I love you with my soul, with a passion;
I love you when I'm _______, in need of rest.
Our love will never go out of fashion;
I'll always wear your heart upon my breast.

I'll love you, every season;
I'll love you with tears, with ______, with _____, with smiles;
I'll love you, and I won't need a reason--
on this journey my ________ will sing every mile.


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