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The Fire Still Burns...

Happy Anniversary, __________.

These years we've spent ________ _______have been the best days of my life,

and I just want you to know how very ______ you are to me and how much you still _________ me. You're still my fondest ______ ______. I'm so lucky that you came into my life, into my ______. Looking back I have to wonder how I ever made it without your_________. I think about ________ when I'm awake, I think about _______ _______ before I go to sleep each night. And our ________ even occupies my most _______ _______. I ______ for you, and I ______ you like none other. You're the ________ of my life, and I______ you for all the _______ and _______ you've given me every single day since we met at ______ _____. I thank you for the ________ you've given me and for so much more. I ____ you, dear _______ and intend to prove just how much tonight.


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