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Have it All...

Dear _____,

I ________ you for all the time you were there for me, for the truth you made these ________ eyes see. I appreciate you for all the _______ you've brought to my life. You took all my wrongs and made everything seem _______. I need you, because you make all my dreams come true. My greatest _________ materialized the day you said, "I __________ you." You're the one who held me high and never let me _______. Even during the _______ times, You saw the light of our ______ through it all. When I was weak, you made me feel ________. You gave me a _______ and helped me reach the sky, and when I lost my faith, you gave me a new set of wings so that I could fly. With your

love,I'll always stand tall. With your love, I simply have it all.


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