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The Perfect Mate...

Dear _____,

The perfect mate for me would have many qualities. One look in ________ eyes and my knees would grow weak. One look in _______ eyes, and I would see the depth of ______ _______ for me. _________ would take me into ______ arms and erase all of my fears. ________ would make me cry, but they'd only be happy tears. ______ love for me would never quit, no matter what I do. And through our years together, _________ heart would ever be true. I imagine ______ taking me on long moonlight walks. I imagine _________ holding me close, listening with interest while I talk. __________ will be responsible, always ready to go that extra mile. But ________ must also be fun, always trying to make me smile. This perfect mate is you. No one else could touch my ________ the way that you do.


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