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Kissing 101...

Dear _____,

Did you know that there are at least 1001 ways to kiss? How many have we tried? Kissing conveys a special kind of _________. A kiss can be caring, ____________, loving, exciting, or _______. I would like to practice kissing you regularly to add intimacy to our relationship. Here's a few types of kisses we can try right away, and I hope that we can _________ and _________ a few of our own:

  • French Kiss--Keep your lips together and your mouths open. Explore each other's mouths with your tongue.
  • Switch Kiss--You kiss your partners upper lip, while he or she kisses your lover lip.
  • Butterfly Kiss--When you lightly touch your partner's flesh with your eyelashes.
  • Cordial Kiss--Take a drink of cordial and keep it in your mouth while you kiss your lover, sharing the liquid.
  • Strawberry Kiss--Feed your lover a ripe __________, then _______. Let your lover feed you a _________ then ________. Continue until all ________ are gone and you're ready for __________.
  • ________Kiss--Put your lips on your lover's ________, and gently __________ while your hands ________ your lover's ________. Allow the _______ to intensify as things _______ ______.


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