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A Sensual Game...

Dear _____,

I want to play an _________ game with you that will fill us both with fiery excitement. To play the game, we must begin a sexual fast, because people always want what they can't have. Here are the rules:

1. We can only play if you agree to play the game.
2. If you agree, we can't have sexual contact until ____________.
3. Since I'm the person who initiated the game, I set the date and have control over game play. I'll be allowed to take you anywhere I want and do anything I want to you. But no matter how ________ you get, you can't __________ me. We can _______, make ______, hold _________, watch erotic __________, etc. I'll try to be _______ and make it __________ for you.
4. When ___________ arrives, get ready for the _________!

I hope you'll agree to play the game. Please let me know at once, so that I can _________.


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