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Make Me Sizzle...

Dear _____,

  1. It turns me on when you __________ me with your _______.
  2. I love you see you in the _________.
  3. I love your ____________ most of all, because ______________________________.
  4. I've always dreamed that we'd make love in the ____________________________.
  5. I feel cherished when you ______________me.
  6. I feel sexy when you ___________ me.
  7. I feel beautiful when you _________________________.
  8. I've always dreamed that you'd ______________ me.
  9. The most sensitive area of my body ______ my ________, so please give that area extra attention.
  10. I would love to see you wearing a______________________.

What turns you on? Print out this list for future reference and then click here to send me your list.


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