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Sexy Celebration...

Dear _____,

I'm planning a special party for two that includes me and you. I've bought you a special _________ that I can't wait to give to you. If you plan to attend, you must dress for the occasion in __________. On the evening of the party, we'll _______ the _______, put on some ________ music, ________ the lights down ______ and light some _________. And once the party begins, we won't answer the _________. After a few minutes of cuddling and __________, I'll give you my gift--and so much more. Afterward, we'll allow our ____________ to explore each other's ___________ thoroughly as we experiment with the gift. Only after we're both _______, will we enjoy the grand finale in the form of some sizzling and unforgettable_________. Will you attend my party for two?


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