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Kiss of Romance...

Dearest ____________,

I'm filled with thoughts of __________. My dear, ________ you set my______ on fire. Your face remains in my mind like some stunning portrait and touches my heart with ________, and I'm completely intoxicated with the most splendid ____________. My sweet ________, how you tug at my ________. Do you feel the same about me? Do you want to______ me? Do you hunger for my _________? Please say that tonight we'll _____________. My soul and my _______ cries out for you. I ache with the fiery passion of sweet and unrelenting _________________, and will get no rest until I can_________ your__________. I'll draw fire from your ________; I'll draw passion from your _________; I'll consume your _______ and ________ and give you shocking nips of fiery love. Please_______ me, and tell me that you'll be mine tonight so that my _____ might know some peace, that my ______ might feel some comfort.


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