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Just me and you...

Dear _____,

I often dream about spending some time with you at a secluded ________ in the _______. It would be a beautiful and quiet place with flowers and _______ all around. You and I could relax and slip away from the rest of the world and focus on how much we _______ each other. We'd spend our days making _______ beneath the ________. And in the evening, the passion would sizzle anew as we sit before a crackling fire and enjoy a glass of __________ and each other's company. After we slowly ________ each other, we'd make love right there before the ______ on a fur ______, the light from the flickering golden red flames dancing gently across our _______ bodies. Afterward, we'd sleep in each other's arms, eager to awake to a new day in our secluded ________.


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