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True Love...

Dear ___________,

You're ___________ to me--there's no one quite like you. You're the one I _____, the one I want to ________. I give you my _______, and I ________ you so much. Give me your sweet _________; fill me with your wonderful _______; soothe my aching _______; and _______ me through the night. The mere sound of your voice summons deep ________ within Like an old familiar ________ like the comfort of a _______. When you're near, I'm lost to thoughts of ______ as you touch me with a _______ that's as grand as stars above. I want to hold your _____. I hunger for your ______. Offer me sweet tidings of true love's tender bliss. I promise our _______ shall _____, carried on the wings of a ______. So give me your _______, and bless me with your _____.


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