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Fiery Explosion...

Dear _____,

Beware, there's going to be a fiery explosion at _____ _____ this _________. The tension will simmer the instant we _______. I'm going to wrap my arms around you and hold you so close that you'll intimately feel how much I _______ you. The heat will ______ your _______ as my lips meet yours. But I won't stop there. I'll plant a trail of fiery kisses along your ______ and __________, pausing only when I reach your _________. I'll gently ________ each _______ until you beg me to ______ _______. I'll eagerly oblige, taking you to the _________ where we'll both be consumed by the flames of unadulterated, carnal passion as we become ________. The fiery explosion awaits you. Please say, you'll quench my desire and put out the fire.


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