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Romantic Letter...

My Dearest Love,

Romance whispers your name on love's silken wings. Tonight you'll forget all life's woes as the flames of_____touch your ________; for I intend to give you the most glorious______of your life. All day long I've planned for the wondrous _____ we'll share. And visions of how much I want to ______ you. Our____ shall meld into sweet erotic dreams, and as we _____, again and again, you'll fly to ______ paradise where only the most exquisite bliss exists. My______ trembles with anticipation; my_____grows weak. My passion is strong and hungry, and a splendid lover's tune holds me in rapture--your delicate _____I seek. To taste and touch your______with my eager, questing ______, fills me with the most sensual delight. I know when you're thoroughly ______, you'll caress my fiery ________. My

love,I'm lost to these dreams of your warm, sweet _______. Together, we'll sizzle in ecstasy's warm embrace as we _______ and ______. So come and fly with me, my dove, and I'll _____ you like never before. By midnight's stormy peal we'll scale the heights of love and knock on rapture's door.


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