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Lights Down Low...

Dear _____,

The Lights are down low, and romantic __________ plays softly in the background as you and I enjoy a ________ ________ for two. I reach across the table to _______ your _______ through your ________, and you ________ invitingly at me, opening your ________ and showing me your gorgeous and _______ _______. My _______throbs with desire, and I can no longer control myself; yet you continue the wonderful torture, _________ and removing the ________ of your ________ and doing a _______ dance. I rush to you and after a long and passionate ______, I lie you upon the _______ and make ________ love to you, savoring your long, low _______ and the feel of your _________ against my ________. I live to be with _______, to _________ you, and __________ I hope to make this fantasy come true.


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