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Medieval Romance...


My _______ so ______, I long to _________ thee. Thou flesh is like the succulent ___________ but leaves me ever hungry. Thine eyes hold all the sweetness of fine __________ but leaves me ever thirsty. Still I long to drink in thou's ___________. I beg thee, to let me __________ thy delectable ________ this _________ night. Thy ignoble thoughts hold me prisoner to thou's __________, and I ache with the need to ___________ thee. Once embraced by ______ pure and ___________ flame, I shall wish only to ________ thee still. I must see the ________ and ___________ in thou's __________ of eyes. I must hear thou's voice rise with blissful joy as I fill thee with thine _____________.Please, take thy ______ and ______ thee will be thine ______ _______.


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