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Poetry of Love...

Dear _____,

If I were a poet and had a gift for making ___________, I'd write you a beautiful love poem so that you'd know how strong my ________ are for you. Yet I can't find the words that are _____ or _______ enough to describe the overwhelming ________ I feel for you. And I couldn't begin to describe you. You elude me. You're _______ , _______, like a butterfly. I can feel the ______ beat of your ________, and I can touch your _______, but there's some ________ quality about you that draws me to you and keeps me ever ________. My _______ desires you above all things: when we're apart, my _____ aches for you like it has never _____ before. I ______ you, and though there are no words to show it, I hope you'll tell me that you understand how deeply I feel. I give you all the _______ that my heart can conceive and hope that you'll give me your __________.


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