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A Marathon...

My Dearest________,

Tonight my dear, I'm going to take you by the ______ and drag you to the ______. After I've ______ your______ and _______ your _________, I'll dig my fingers passionately into your_______, and nibble lovingly at your ______. At the same time you'll_____my __________and _________my____________ until I ___________. Then we'll sprinkle ______ all over each other's bodies and thoroughly _____ each other while__________plays in the background. As the temperature rises, I'll prove my love with a mere _____ of my _____. We'll make love like______ clinging breathlessly to each other with a _____ intensity that could inspire _________. Afterward, we'll get out a big bottle of _____ and rub it tenderly on our _____. Then I'll soothe your throbbing _______ with a______as you kiss my yearning______. Then we'll begin to _______ all over again,


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