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Tonight, My Love...

Dear _____,

Tonight my

love,we shall _______ beneath the silvery stars, and I shall take you into my arms and _____ your silken _______. You will swiftly feel the urgent rhythm of my heart as my _____ grows, and I begin to passionately _______ you. I'm so full of _____ for you that every minute of my life, I think about how much I want to ________ you. How great our last meeting was when we _______ each other on the softness of the ______ to which I attribute my recent ______. Your ______ is so soft; your _____ so hard. You're the only one who knows how to caress my _____ and stroke my______just right. You're the only one who can thoroughly _____ me. Truly, with all my heart, I ______ you, and wish only to make this night a special celebration of our ______. So please, bring a _____ along that we might use it sensuously on your ______. I shall honor this occasion with a _____ to seal our ______. Afterward, I will stand and beat my ______ to the tune of ______ while you ________. I vow that in my heart you shall always be_______. In my _____ you shall always be remembered. So come to me, my dearest,

_______. _____ with me beneath nature's splendor and let the ________ festivities begin.


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