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Sexy Hide and Go Seek...

Greetings _________,

Are you in the mood for a romantic _______ tonight? I hope so, because when you get home from ______, I'll be hiding, and you must find three envelopes that contain clues about my whereabouts. The first clue will be in the ______; the second will be near the ________, and the third will be under the _________. Pay special attention to the last clue. It tells you exactly what I want you to do to me after you find me. But before you look for me, be sure to ______ your ________ and your ______. I want you to be _____, _______, and _________ when you find me. I'm just so _______ from thinking about how much want to spend the night _________ you that my ____is __________. Know that I'll be eagerly ________.


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