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Love Poems

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William Blake

Francis Bourdillon

Anne Bradstreet

Elizabeth Browning

Robert Browning

Robert Burns

Lord Byron

Thomas Campbell

Bliss Carman

John Clare

Samuel Coleridge

Samuel Daniel

Emily Dickinson

John Donne

William Douglas

Michael Drayton

Anne Finch

Stephen Foster

Robert Frost

Robert Herrick

Leigh Hunt

Omar Khayyam

Benjamin Jonson

Francis Bourdillon

Francis Bourdillon remains a somewhat obscure literary figure, yet his poem below is considered one of the most romantic ever written.  

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
A moving love poem about heartache and the power of love. Send this poem  if you want to deliver a powerful message about your devotion to someone special.

Author Unknown

Walter S. Landor

Thomas Lodge

Richard Lovelace

C. Marlowe

John Milton

Caroline Norton

Edgar Allan Poe

J. B. O'Reilly

Daniel Rossetti

John Ruskin


Percy Shelley

Philip Sidney

Edmund Spenser

C. A. Swinburne

Joshua Sylvester

Walt Whitman

J. G. Whittier

John Wilbye

W.  Wordsworth

William B. Yeats

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