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MyPassionUp (click here for demo) is a new version of PassionUp. When you subscribe to MyPassionUp, you get access to exciting new features, exclusive cards, customizable cards, blank cards, and much more.

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Bobette Bryan, the web's most popular greeting card writer and designer, publishes her most beautiful Inspiration and Romance cards in two new sections which are available only to MyPassionUp members.

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MyPassionUp membership costs about a dime per day...just $3.49, monthly. That's only pennies per card! Sign up for a year for just $39.95! Subscriptions automatically renew, and you can cancel at any time. Click here to sign up now! Or sign up by mail here!

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Click here to learn how MyPassionUp will make your PassionUp experience more convenient, personal, and enjoyable. Visit our FAQ section for in-depth information about our exciting new features. Or, you can sign up now.


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