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Because you're my everything, tonight I'll let you do anything. Your will is my desire.
On your birthday, remember that good things come in tight packages. After you unwrap your gift, I'll show you!
I want you so much that I feel weak without you. Fill me with the full strength of your love and the power of your passion.
Tonight will be the first time all over again. I'll top you with a cherry and lick my way to bliss.
You're my secret heaven, and tonight I'll take you to a paradise for two. Be prepared.
Come by tonight, if you want to join my private club. Check in to pure ecstasy and leave satisfied.
I have a sensual evening planned for us. After a long round of foreplay, lets do the bedroom boogie.
I'm yours tonight. Do with me what you will--just do it hard, deep, and passionately.
Did I ever tell you that I'm great with my hands? Well tonight I'll show you.